I began this project from an interest in the ways in which a viewer receives and creates an artwork, believing that the viewer commits and equally creative act in their understanding of a work as the artist does in creating it. Using post-structuralist and reader response literary theory as a springboard for the script, patrons with disparate views on art view a video installation and reflect on their experience as they watch the piece.
All art, whether it claims to or not, once viewed, becomes conceptual art by the viewer’s harboring of experience and concepts within their interpretation of the work.

“The meaning is the use” -Wittgenstein

“What is noticed is what has been made noticeable, not by a clear and undistorting glass, but by an interpretive strategy” -Stanley Fish

“What is Revelation, without the device and ornament of the right word? A shadow without a guardian, a body without clarity” -Glissant